Emoji Story Inspiration

One very busy evening a woman was in her house with her poodle and her loving cat who were eating some lunch. She was on her way to see her dad and her little brother later in the day. In the mean time she went on her helicopter and brought a kabob for a snack she then landed at her other house by the lake to go fishing. The woman then took a train to her favorite country club because she didn’t feel like walking. When she got there she was in the mood for some French fries. She never got French fries there, but decided she would get some since everything she got there was good. To her surprise the fries there were terrible, and couldn’t finish them so she got a kabob and some steak. When she sat down a monkey came out of nowhere and snatched her steak and shoved it in his mouth. She couldn’t believe her eyes! She then headed to the train right after that and the train crashed the news reporter came and everything was on live TV. The woman was there for what seemed like forever, and was getting anxious and took a tram to see her brother and her father. When she got there they were upset because their favorite basketball team had lost, but when they realized she was there they were supersized she was even going to come then they took a family picture and were both happy that she ended up coming.

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